Pixel Gun 3D– All About Tips, Tricks

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The secret of winning over the opponent is out now! Get started by knowing more about Pixel Gun 3D and ensure the victory over zombies, bosses and real players


Pixel Gun 3D is a popular and impressive action battle series. Tackling to bosses and zombies are some in-game features whereas many MMO modes also available. Want to win and be the next top-notch player? Follow the onward given tips to progress well.

Take a Deep Breath And Learn More!

Pixel Gun 3D is also popular for Play station due to the open world to battle and awesome layouts. This game has millions of download hit over Google Play Store and Apple App Store due to its graphics and interactive features. Even the gameplay is also impressive and makes the game interesting.

The modes offered by developers are making it advantageous and the death much really seeks the attention well. Maybe, you have tried it too? Haven’t you found it interesting to hide and kill others by using awesome weapons as well as defending? Well, I loved switching between weapons and moving like James Bond to aim every other player.

Theme of Pixel Gun 3D

The theme of Pixel Gun 3D is simple and it is easy to understand due to the Pixelates. The game is said to be similar to Minecraft whereas it has lots of different features making it way better and advantageous. The graphics aren’t of the new generation but the features make it better and interesting to play. Whether you are an intermediate or a novice, you will love the game for sure. The game is all about battling but weapons play the vital role.

Getting awesome weapon can be tough because of currencies. The game doesn’t offer a sufficient amount.Almost everyone is using these methods to earn currencies. Get started by using it and obtaining sufficient amount for the need. The legendary battles take place at maps given in the game and MMO matches are also based on these locations.

The pocket edition is available for Android and IOS devices. The publisher is cubic games at Apple App Store whereas Pixel Gun 3D is the publisher at Android platform.

Want More?

Who doesn’t love to get extra? Well, this thrill giving the game is offering many more things than the expectation. There are many unique maps given in the game. Each one offers a great way to survive until the last. Keep on running and hiding in the beginning stages to stand till last. Try not to come in anyone’s crosshair otherwise you won’t last more than few seconds. This risky world has lots of players some are advance, some intermediate and some novices. The match making system find the right gamers for the MMO matches.

Have the eager to take down opponent, bosses, and zombies? Well, use Pixel Gun 3D tips and tricks to get started and getting the right weapon of need. It can be tough for beginners but they can easily eradicate all the issues by using this method. It is easy also.

Pixel Gun 3D Gameplay [How To Play Guide?]

Strategy Guide – In Brief

Willing to be the top-notch gamer and don’t want to tackle any kind of issue then this is the best guide to help you out. Well, there are many important things to pay attention to. Learning the basics play the vital role and this guide will teach you the vital factors from beginning to end. Keep focusing on every single thing and playing well. Make sure to use Pixel Gun 3D tips and tricks as if you need coins and gems in the game.

The coin is the primary currency which can be earned by various methods and the easiest method is to play and win. Gem is the premium currency and it has very few methods to earn. In order to progress faster and never face any kind of issue must earn it well and spend it wisely. On the other hand, the in-app purchases can be a great alternative.

Survival Tips

Having awesome weapons isn’t imperative as the skills. Learn to hit the opponent and survive otherwise you won’t last more than few seconds in Deathmatch and others.

  • Attacking repeatedly with guns and bombs start the battle where you need to attack the opponent and take quick actions. Always keep the finger on shoot button and the gun. As someone appears, put him/her in the crosshair and shot.
  • Missing the shot means the opponent will target you. Be quick in hiding and don’t run in one direction straightly. Moving in random patterns won’t let the opponent attack and it is better than keep on firing.
  • Aiming lower means you can target crawling monsters. Beginners find it tough but it is just a simple trick and using a good weapon is able to help out in resolving the issues with ease. Even it is way better than other methods.
  • Staying at one location can be harmful as the opponent is able to take you down in few minutes. But there is an alternative to resolve this issue and get rid of the opponent. Keep moving and never let the opponent lay hands on you.
  • Deathmatch is the difficult one and chances of killing yourself are higher. Well, you can get rid of this issue by progressing slowly in the beginning and learning imperative factors.

By these basic tips, progression becomes easier you can win with ease. If resources become the issue then use Pixel Gun 3D tips to acquire a decent amount or grab unlimited coins as well as gems free of cost.

Methods To Gain 3 Stars

There are total three goals need to be completed so that you can earn complete stars. Well, it starts with killing all the monsters and you get one star for that.

Next one is to kill all the monsters quickly in the least time and if you do it in the limited time then there is one more star given due to this reason. It is tough but possible.

The last one is hard and very fewer people can do in it in later stages because of the difficulty level. Well, if you are killing all the zombies without any damage then the third star is provided.

Important Note:

You are able to pick up easy stages because these are less complicated and chances of getting harm are very low. You can complete these without tackling to any issue but make sure to try out hard stages because higher numbers of coins are provided on winning. It can be tough to win but you surely earn higher the in fewer tries. It will also help in being the top gamer. Almost every expert gamer focus on these factors and you can also rely on it.

Weapon Guide

There are lots of weapons offered by the developers and you need to choose the right one of the need. It can be tough to decide due to the wide range and availability.

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  • Simple Shotgun is important in short range combats and it is best one to use when the target is nearby. You can easily take down the opponent by using this method. However, it isn’t able to give a higher damage. If you are running out of ammo then this gun can help.
  • Simple machine gun is second type with the same amount of damage but it is also helpful in continuous shots. The rate of fire increases the chances of winning as you can take down higher number of opponent with ease. It is highly used due to the mobility offered.
  • Pixel gun is next with the lower damage but it work extremely fast and usability help in taking down lots of zombies and crawling monster on faster rate. It makes the pixel gun advantageous. It reload faster, has better mobility with lower capacity.
  • Combat knife comes handy due to its great mobility but it is also offering the less damage. The fast attack speed from close distance is main property whereas you can go well against zombies and small maps.
  • Sniper rifle offers the 10x scope to take down long distant opponent with ease. It is helpful in going well and winning over opponent from a hidden location. It is highly advantageous when used from long distance. It is offering a great damage for sure.
  • The light wooden armor is next. Surely it isn’t help in offense but you can easily stay secured and stand way longer than normal. On the other hand, you get the higher chances of winning due to the use of armor. There are light/medium/heavy armors in many materials.

These are totally able to flip the game and increase chances of winning in the game.

Buy Awesome Accessories

Getting weapons isn’t the only thing that you can do in the game because you can lay hand on many more things like accessories. You can get awesome armors which can protect you from getting the damage. On the other hand, there are skins available for the purchase. It is easy and you can rely on this method due to the number of benefits. Even getting the skins has other benefits too. Keep on playing to know more about them.

Make sure to purchase awesome ammo because these are helpful in getting rid of the opponent and never stopping due to lack of bullets in the game. Even it is also helpful in taking down the opponent faster. Be the top-notch gamer by focusing on the vital facts.

Bonus Tip

If you miss the shot while taking down opponent, run in zig-zag position to escape. Even you should try to hide as soon as possible. Defense is key to success and you should focus on hiding and stay safe than taking down more opponents.

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