Free FM Radio without Internet

Despite the advent of Spotify and other services for streaming music, many users still prefer to listen to the classic radio broadcast on FM frequencies, as it is free, does not consume bandwidth and minimizes battery consumption.

How do I listen to the free FM Radio without the Internet?

Discover in this guide all the tricks to listen to the FM radio, the reasons why it is unavailable and how you can fix it.

Is FM radio available on all smartphones?

In order to listen to the FM radio on a smartphone a chip is required to read these frequencies and to convert them to an audio signal for the earphones: without FM chip It is not possible to have FM radio on smartphones. Before buying a new smartphone then make sure that the FM chip is available in the product specifications so you can listen to the Free FM radio without the Internet.

Making an exhaustive list of compatible devices is not possible, but from my experience I can tell you that Chinese smartphones have practically all the FM chip given the great diffusion of the FM radio signal in China, as well as smartphones of Japanese origin. Korean smartphones (Samsung) or American smartphones might have the radio as they may not have it, for the manufacturer’s own choice (as you’ll see in the next paragraph).

We always talk about Android operating systems for listening to FM radio.

Compatible Smartphone but FM radio disabled: Why?

Many smartphones have the FM radio chip in the specs but the radio is not available in any way, missing the official app to manage it. How come?

Some manufacturers have preferred to disable the FM chip because little used by their users, who prefer (according to them) use the apps for streaming music instead of listening to the classical radio.

This raises a problem for all users who want to listen to the FM radio: their smartphone is compatible, but the chip is disabled at the firmware level then unusable.

In These cases you can resume control of the FM chip (if present) using a non-original ROM such as Lineage OS, which using Android AOSP as a base allows you to unlock (in most cases) the use of FM radio, otherwise not Available with the official ROM. You can download Lineage OS from the following link.

How to have free FM Radio without Internet

If your smartphone has FM radio available and activated, all you need to do is connect your earphones (key in some cases to hear the radio, because they act as a receiving antenna for the FM signal) and open the app provided by the manufacturer.

On Xiao me for example the app looks like from the image below.

Simply select the desired frequency and start listening to the FM radio without the Internet on the device.

If you have a smartphone with FM chip present but disabled by the manufacturer, you can listen to the FM radio once “unlocked” your smartphone! Done everything you need you just have to find an app that can handle the FM chip (assuming that the ROM you use does not already have an app to hear the FM radio).

One of the apps you can use to listen to the Free FM radio without the Internet is SPIRIT1: Real FM radio, available for a fee from the following link.

Alternatively you can use the Spirit2: Real FM Radio 4 AOSP app, which is always available for a fee from the following link.

Check the list of compatible devices carefully, otherwise you may make an unnecessary purchase. You can check the compatibility of these two apps at the link below.

I don’t have a FM chip, how do I listen to the radio?

If your smartphone does not have an FM chip, you can still listen to radio stations broadcasting via the Internet.

The best apps you can use for the purpose are listed below:

  • FM Radio: Live Stream Stations
  • Simple Radio – FM and AM stations live
  • Online Radio
  • TuneIn Radio

With these apps you will be able to listen to the music transmitted by the FM radio stations using your data network; These apps consume a lot less than the music streaming apps, so you can choose them as an alternative to listening to music when you’re almost out of gigs on your rate plan.

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