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Final Fantasy XV A New Empire hack

An Intro!

Is your dream of becoming the ultimate hero of Final Fantasy XV A New Empire mobile game available on Android and IOS? Would you like to dominate the adventurous strategy game with minimum effort? Don’t worry a bit if you are facing these queries as our Final Fantasy XV A New Empire is here to assist you out.

The strategy game is all about building a strong empire and discovering the most powerful magic in order be the HERO. You are allowed to play the game with your friends and execute skills that will make it possible to achieve the unique destiny. As a gamer, you must focus deep to get more gold (premium currency) in quick time and use quality Final Fantasy XV A New Empire hack as soon as possible.

Final Fantasy XV A New Empire Hack Importance

The application of hack will get you unlimited gold with just one click and not a penny is invested in the generator. We all are fully aware of the fact, these awesome games demand huge investment in the form of in-app purchase but working and safe Final Fantasy XV A New Empire cheats will act as a savior.

Even with our easy to use the tool, you are quickly served with unlimited game resources and that too free of cost. Being a true gamer, you must not waste your money on gold and keep working on your skills to create better winning strategies.

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Some Crucial Tips And Tricks

Till now we have mostly concentrated on ways to attain gold, but there are many other valuable tips and tricks that will boost your winning chances. We will here unearth some hidden aspects of the game and interested gamers need to check them out right now.

How To Attain Stones?

As you know that stones are the first currency that utilized quickly, and due to this, users are unable to upgrade the buildings.  However, to upgrade or fabricate a new building, players are required to collect all five resources such as Gil, Stone, Food, Metal as well as Energy.  If you are unable to collect one of them, then there will be no possibilities to build or upgrade the building.  Since stones are hard-to-reach, that’s why here are some tips to enhance the generation of the stones:

  • Build More Than Two Quarries: In the Final Fantasy XV A New Empire, quarries generate is the only source to attain the stones.  By having more than two quarries will enhance the production of the stones.  Most importantly, also upgrade these building in order to speed up per hour stone generation.
  • Accomplish Hero Quests: It is the convenient method to gain an enormous amount of stones along with other in-game resources. All you need to do is select the easier quests as it takes less time to complete.  Avoid difficult task, if you are thinking to go offline for several hours.

Gain Free Speedup

Do you want some free speedups?  Well, join a guild to attain plenty of speedups as well as many gifts.  Try to get access to the guild store and gain loyalty points by supporting the mates.  Mainly, joining a guild will benefit you by offering free speedups on your timers.  Through this, you can enhance the time if any building requires less than 4 minutes in finishing the upgrade.  Assist your guild members and receive few speed ups as rewards.  However, if you boost your Citadel level, then it will benefit by increasing the loyalty points in order to gain more speedups.  That’s why always check the Guild store after joining one of them.

Methods To Obtain EXP

  • Upgrade each and every building to earn a little bit of EXP.
  • Gain EXP by completing the empire quests. How to find one? Look at the ticker at the bottom of the screen and grab empire quests according to your desire.
  • Take up Guild quests in order to attain huge amount of EXP. Select one of the guild tasks and accomplish it without worrying about losing.  However, you will also get some hard quests, so no need to be afraid, wait for few hours to reset the guild quest. Afterwards, choose the basic quests and earn EXP.
  • By attacking other gamer bases, you will earn some amount of EXP to enhance the level of Hero.

Join Your Buddy’s New Guild

Looking for the ways to join your best friend’s guild? Well, follow the following steps in order to get access to the new guild.

  • Leave your current guild in order to join your friend’s guild.
  • Ask your mate to send his empire’s name along with coordinates.
  • To mail an empire’s coordinates, click the Mail button, then followed by the composition of mail and choosing the sources to send mail. For instance, Whatsapp, Facebook or any other source to send the mail.
  • Open the coordinates and put them on the world map in order to search your mate’s empire.
  • Now click on the empire and choose Join Guild option.

How To Earn Crafting Material?

Hunt the monsters in the game to gain the crafting materials for free.  It is one of the best methods to obtain them.  All you need to do is Tap the world map and search for the monsters.  Pay attention appropriately and notice some moving creature on the map. Final Fantasy XV A New Empire hack also allows the users to choose the monster by gaining information about its strength.  Attack on the monster with your best shot and earn fabricating items.


Final Fantasy XV A New Empire unlimited gold is not hard to attain if you join hands with the online generator mentioned here. The hack tool is filled with countless exciting features ready to take your gaming experience to another level. In the end, you need to make sure you don’t overuse the hack and pay attention to other quality tips and tricks on the regular basis. Enjoy Final Fantasy XV A New Empire in your free time and build an ultimate kingdom that is impossible to conquer.If you feel any problem while generating free gold then contact us or send us email on

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