Complete Guide For Homescapes Coins And Stars

Every gaming studio is involved in developing unique strategy games and Playrix is one of the popular studios that earned fame with the renovation and decoration game called as Gardenscapes. Now, this studio is back with a new game which is called as Homescapes. As before, this game is available on IOS as well as on the Android platform. Gamers are able to download it for free however developers offered the in-game purchases option which means that gamers can spend money to acquire coins and stars. Both currencies are important and play the vital role in renovation as well as the decoration of the home. With the help of few tips and tricks, gamers can earn good amount of currencies and upgrade with ease, moreover, there is no need to spend money on anything.

Know The Aim

This time, you have to help Butler, Austin, as his parents are thinking to sell the childhood home and you have to bring back the former glory by complete puzzle and quest. Due to this, Austin’s parents will reconsider about the childhood home. There are many parts of the home and each one has puzzles which can be completed in few minutes Spend little time and you will be able to know the method to complete the puzzle.This is all about concentration and after completing the puzzle, you will get coins and stars to customize the home. Those who question that what’s the difference between a previous game and this one? Well, Playrix is offering more customization options. You are also getting more tweaks than before which means that you have lots of things to learn. Make sure to read each tweak so that you can renovate with more accuracy and better designs.

Pay Attention To Renovation

The renovation is main thing and there are two methods to renovate Austin’s home. First of all, you can complete the puzzle and renovate right after that. However, some gamers are playing this game just for puzzles and renovation in between isn’t interesting. Well, there is a solution and that is to skip it. Yes, if you skip the renovation then nothing going to change. You will get stars and you are able to use it later for the renovation purpose. This is the easy and most preferred method by many gamers but we suggest you to do both things together because if you skip renovation then you don’t get events. Basically, events help in getting some extra benefits and these are easy also. Those who want progression as well as daily events then must renovate every single time you get the stars. This is up to you that what suits you the most, puzzles, decoration or both.

Creating Power-Ups

As you know that this is all about puzzles and there are lots of tiles in a puzzle. The set of 4 tiles help in getting a power-up. If you have more tiles then you get more powerful power-ups.

Rocket: The first and most simple power-up is rocket which is able to clear one line. It can be horizontally as well as vertically depending on the factor that how it is developed. If you have four tiles in the column then a rocket power-up will be created which can clear the horizontal line. This is similar to row so it will clear vertical tiles.

Bomb: Match five tiles and get a bomb but what the power of this bomb. It is pretty awesome because it can clear every tile in two-square radius.

Paper Plane: This is a unique power-up which can be created by four-tiles in a square. This isn’t easy to create but if you pay little attention then you can find many methods to develop it with ease. As you use it then four tiles will be cleared in a cross pattern. Seems interesting? Well, it is because sometimes can prove lifesaver. After clearing the four tiles, the plane flies over to single tile and clear it also.

Rainbow Ball: This is the last type and called as the most powerful on because it is able to clear lots of tiles in a single use. You are able to target specific tiles however this is typical to create as well as use.

Now, you know all the power-ups and this is the time to focus on the goal and using these power-ups on right time so that you can resonate with ease.Avoid spending money on the purchases because this won’t help in getting a better experience and you will find this game boring. After this, learn to use special tiles because this will help in completing the faster and collecting the items faster than normal.

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