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Best Mobile Internet Rate for Smartphones for Quality and Speed

To grab as many customers as possible, telephone companies (Vodafone, Tim, Wind, 3, and all other virtual operators) have started a real war with regard to all inclusive rates, including phone calls, messages and internet Mobile.

Besides being able to acquire one of the best rates for smartphones for which you can use this useful comparative, with which you can find the best offer according to your consumption of GB Internet, minutes of calls and SMS that you find here: Best Mobile Price comparative for smartphones

It is important to understand if the operator we are going to choose offers good signal coverage and browsing speed.

The prices, with the same services offered, now deviate from each other of very little, less than one euro, then to evaluate which phone company to choose we will go to analyze another factor, and what better if not the speed of mobile Internet connection?

What you see below is a test done in my city, with the smartphone Oneplus One, with Tim Operator, SUPER Tim SPECIAL rate in LTE:
To better evaluate which phone company to choose I included in this article a survey that will allow you users to decree which phone company to choose and consequently which is the best mobile internet rate.

What is the best Mobile Internet operator you have had?
And to have an even more specific data and to better evaluate the best telephone company for mobile internet rate, you can leave us a comment by entering, your city, operator, name of the tariff, ping, download, upload and mobile model as in this Example concerning the data of my mobile Internet connection:

Catanzaro, Tim, Super Tim Special, Ping 76, Download 60.70, Upload 17.52,

Smartphone Oneplus One

I ask you to enter also the name of the tariff and the cell phone model for a simple reason, as for example in my city is present the 4g or LTE, but not all mobiles can connect with this type of networks, or because they do not support them at the hardware level , or for the simple fact that it serves a specific fee to connect with 4g or LTE, fare that cost much more than the normal mobile internet connections proposed at about €10 per month.

To perform the test you can use the SpeedTest app downloadable here:

  • SpeedTest for Android smartphones
  • SpeedTest for IPhone smartphone

Remember to disable the Wifi and set the program as shown below in the photos:

  • Click on “Setting”
  • Click on “Change Server”
  • Select the Server “Rome – hosted by: Telecom Italia S.p.A.”
  • Return to the First tab by clicking on the bottom of “Speedtest”
  • and start the test by clicking on “Begin test”

We look forward to your comments to determine the best company with the best Internet connection in your city.

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