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Best Free IPhone Games 2018

We have collected for you a list of the best free games available for IPhone.

The article will be updated frequently even with your suggestions. The games that you can download connecting from your IPhone on this page, are free (some require extra fee, not to buy). Click on the name to go to the Download pages on the App Store.

The best iPhone games divided by Genre:

  • Sports Games
  • Multiplayer games
  • Puzzle Game
  • Strategic Games
  • Platform
  • Arcade & Adventure

Sports games for IPhone

  • Asphalt 8: Airborne
    The best racing game on the App Store. Graphically stunning, it allows you to drive a number of custom around the world. Competition and speed make it unmissable.
  • Crazy Taxi City Rush
    A frantic racing game that sees us driving a taxi. Collect bonuses and reach your destination in time. This version of Crazy Taxi has a lot of mini-games and minor challenges. One of the best games ever present on the App Store.
  • Fifa Mobile Soccer
    Football game very appreciated by the Italian public. In its embodiment for mobile devices is free-to-play (free with extra fee). It’s always nice to be able to play a lot in mobility.
  • Flappy Golf
    Title reminiscent of its name, the famous Flappy Bird. It is a game of golf with minimalist graphics and addictive. Help the ball to get into the hole with a simple tap. Equipped with online and local multiplayer. I play for the whole family.
  • Putt Golf
    Another simple golf game with clean graphics. Try to pocket the ball with a swipe or the movement of the device. It has different game modes and can be really challenging.
  • Score! Hero
    Of the series “There is only Fifa”, this is a very special and fun football game. More than anything else based on swipe gestures, it consists in advancing the career of our player, scoring goals and coming to glory.
  • Tennis Champs Returns
    Great Classic for Amiga that returns on IPhone! You don’t see many tennis games around but this is definitely one of the funniest and originals. We can embark on a tennis career or challenge other players from all over the world.
  • Tiny Striker
    A football game whose main goal is to make goals. Use the classic swipe on the device to pull in the door or to use the men on the barrier and deflect the ball to the opponents. Retro graphics and simplicity are the strong points of this game.

Multiplayer games (MMO) for IPhone

  • Fortnite Mobile
    Game developed by Epic Games (quality assurance), is available for all existing platforms (PS4, Xbox One, PC, Mac and now also IOS). More “cartoonish” than PUBG (see below), belongs to the survival genre in which many players are faced in order to remain the only one alive at the end of the game. To access the game you must be invited by another player or leave your email and receive an invitation from the developers using the page: Invitation event for Fortnite IOS. You can freely download the game (before it was only available by invitation). There are millions of players on the servers, given the great popularity that the game has on the other platforms.
  • PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Mobile
    For Xbox One and PC users this game needs no introduction; Abbreviated to PUBG, it is an MMO (Massively multiplayer Online) game of the Battle Royale genre in which 100 players face each other in an arena (an island) with the aim of surviving with supplies and weapons and remaining the last survivor. One of the most popular games of the moment.

Puzzle Game for IPhone

  • 1010!
    Clearly inspired by Tetris, this new puzzle game has a simple and intuitive structure. It is a theoretically endless puzzle, very engaging and simple to play. Combine lines and shapes to make them disappear. An old-school game that can give you great satisfaction.
  • Angry Birds Rio
    Famous game now proposed for a long time. This version brings the birds to Rio and is free with over 320 levels! One of the most accomplished pastimes in the App Store. To try at least once in your life.
  • The rejeweled Blitz
    Puzzle game widespread that is based on the concept “aligns 3 equal types”; It can be an explosion of colors, sounds and images. Screen rewards, social integration and simple but well-kept gameplay make it an addictive and timeless game.
  • Candy Crash Soda Saga
    From the creators of the famous Candy Crush Saga, a version enriched with the “soda”. It is always a puzzle game of the style aligns 3 equal objects, always very colorful and fun. Modes and other additions are fee-paying but the game can also be used without spending anything.
  • Dots
    Innovative game with an essential design. Delete the points (dot precisely) in the best possible way and in a limited time. Great for doing records, is one of the most downloaded games on the IPhone.
  • Draw Something Free
    Draw what is suggested to you and let your opponent guess. Game already available for a long time but always supported and updated. Very recommended for having fun with friends and multiplayer with other people.
  • Drop 7
    Game that hypnotizes for its simplicity and cleansing graphics. It is a puzzle game whose purpose is to true of discs with numbers and to see them burst when they reach the right number. The version that is currently possible to download has introduced unfortunately the advertising while remaining free.
  • Flow Free
    Game that has been around for a while and it’s always a lot of fun to try. The puzzle game consists of merging lines of the same color to complete the levels (2000 those free). Graphically coloured and with pleasant sound effects.
  • Letterpress
    Another asynchronous word game very similar to Ruzzle but even better than the game from which it drew inspiration. Try to win by using words and blocking letters to your opponent, use strategies and improve with time. Clashes that until the last minute can see the score tipping over.
  • Ruzzle
    Popular multiplayer word game. Challenge your friends or strangers, find as many words and in the shortest time as possible. Basic Gameplay that creates addiction. recommended to all.
  • Sparkwave
    Hexagonal game where you control a ray of light through paths. Very challenging for reflections, it provides the use of power-ups that somehow change and facilitate the gameplay.
  • Trainyard Express
    One of the best puzzle games on the App Store. The mechanics of the game are very simple: draw a path to bring the trains of a color to a destination of the same color. Initially it is easy, with the advancing becomes full of intersections and complicated combinations.
  • Warp Shift
    Maze-based puzzle. Graphically very nice to see, it is to arrange elements of the environment to get the main character to the exit. Currently free but will return to pay as soon as possible; Hurry!

Strategy games for IPhone

  • Clash Royale
    The most popular multiplayer game ever. is a game based on arenas, where you will have to plan attacks and defenses and build fortifications. It involves the use of trading cards with which you can challenge friends and strangers.
  • Fallout Shelter
    Mobile adaptation of one of the most popular PC/Console games: Fallout. Completely different kind than the older brother, it is a Vault management in which we will have to take care of inhabitants, expand our spaces with new rooms, gyms and workshops. It will keep us busy for several hours.
  • Hearthstone
    Card game developed by Blizzard (Diablo, Overwatch, World of Warcraft). It is a game that creates a high dependence thanks to the possibility of making fast matches and collecting hundreds of different cards. To get to certain levels, it requires the in-app purchase of other card packs.
  • Heroes of Order & Chaos
    The best Games MOBA: Multiplayer Online Battle Arena, will also be those playable with mouse and keyboard on computer, but this game proves to the height of large PC productions. Varied and compelling, you can play in teams of 3 to 5 players that strategic collaborations needed to succeed. Trivia: The game can also be broadcast live on Twitch.
  • Metal Slug Defence
    Another great classic returns on the IPhone. Metal Slug Defence however looks like a tower defence, where its troops must be organized to destroy the enemy. Also includes online multiplayer game.
  • Pitfall!
    Clone of Temple Run but inspired by the famous game for Atari. Run as far as you can with 3d graphics and a unique style. Relentlessly with a wide variety of different situations. Excellent alternative to the classic Temple Run.
  • Planet Quest
    To the rhythm of music! This game is a rhythm game based on timing and listening skills. Simple to play but hard to master, it will keep the most hardcore players engaged with increasingly difficult challenges.
  • Plants vs Zombie 2
    Definitely one of the most famous among the many games on the App Store. He has won a lot of “game of the Year” awards and continues to be one of the most downloaded. Strategic that consists in the use of a certain number of plants to repel a zombie attack. Lots of bonuses and potentially make it one of the longest running games ever.
  • Tiny Tower
    Graphics in pixel art for a management game where you have to control different activities and make money. Normally this type of securities involves the purchase of packages (with real money) to proceed faster in growth, this game is also enjoyable in its version completely free.
  • Vainglory
    Incredible graphics and at the top for a mobile device. It is the genus MOBA: multiplayer Online Battle Arena. Fight against real opponents from all over the world in 3-person teams. Free-to-play, you can play as much as you want in a free way, choosing among the proposed fighters; If you want to use a non-free character, of course you have to pay in-app to unlock it but the game does not penalize players who do not want to spend money. Tremendously funny.

Platform for IPhone

  • Froggy Jump
    Clone of Doodle Jump with which he shares the game mechanics. It’s a vertical scrolling platform that has more bonuses, objects and themes to use while we bounce a frog in the level. There are no shortage of charts and integration with the Game Center.
  • ICopter Classic
    Best incarnation of the famous game ICopter. Try to fly with the helicopter for as long as possible. Simple gameplay that just takes a touch.
  • Into the Dead
    Yet another endless runner but this time with a gloomy atmosphere and graphics, being a Zombie game. The idea is to make their way, dodging the attacks of the zombies and trying to survive as long as possible. The first person view and the “fog” effect that contrattidingono the title, make it a must to try.
  • Jetpack Joyraid
    Fly with a jetpack in this gorgeous 2d endless runner. Collect items, new bonuses and records. You can also use vehicles and character customizations. A combination of acceleration and responsiveness, making it a perfect game.
  • Rabbids Crazy Rush
    Running, jumping and gliding are some of the gameplay features of this fun game. Records and leaderboards for Rabbids crazy Rush with Ubisoft’s famous rabbits.
  • Rogue Runner
    Still a adrenaline endless runner and frantic. It offers the ability to dodge and hit enemies and a wide variety of skins for the main medium.
  • Run Sackboy! Run!
    Spin-off of the famous born on Playstation. Equipped with a colorful and captivating graphics, we run with “Sackboy” rag puppet trying to collect as many bonuses as possible and with a rather varied gameplay. Although it is not comparable to the Sony console version, it still makes its figure from the point of view of design and graphics.
  • Super Dangerous Dungeons
    Kind of the platformers with the 16-bit style of the past. With Super Dangerous Dungeons we will solve classic situations by guiding our hero through the 50 levels available. There will be no missing bosses and secret levels.
  • Temple Run 2
    This very famous game is part of the endless runner genre. The character, reminiscent of Indiana Jones, runs relentlessly through a series of obstacles, ravines, walls, etc. You can move it with a swipe in the right direction. I play from “one last game and then it’s enough” to always try to improve their records.

Arcade and adventure games for IPhone

  • Circuroid
    Another title that is heavily inspired by a famous game as well as milestone of video games: Asteroids. It’s about making their way through asteroids with a spacecraft, shooting to destroy them. This much more modern version has different game modes, leaderboards and virtually endless.
  • Chief Puzzle Officer
    An RPG disguised as Puzzle game. Bring skill in battle and build your team with other players. It also contains collectibles in manga style and the matches are 3 vs 3.
  • Cross Road
    Those of you who know the historic Frogger, will surely find a few similarities between Crossy Road and the Frog game. Cross the streets without getting overwhelmed or blocked by obstacles. Graphically very nice, with isometric visual, provides a random level generator and each game will be different from another.
  • Cube Runner
    To play only using the accelerometer. Drive through a path made of cubes with a spaceship. The game has not too articulate graphics but you can create layers and download them, which guarantees longevity.
  • Frisbee
    Launches and controls a Frisbee in different 3d locations. Lots of frisbees and levels to try. Recommended for eye-catching graphics.
  • Gridrunner Free
    Style beyond retro, with graphics from the VIC-20. Recommended for nostalgic, it is a vertical sparattutto in which a spaceship is used and it is also equipped with a mode with one and only life. Modern gameplay for a 80-year-old game.
  • Pokemon Go
    Game that needs a few presentations; Become a worldwide phenomenon, the game of Pokemon on the IPhone will take you physically around the city in search of the rare, legendary Pokemon via GPS. Definitely a brilliant idea that exploits the possibilities of augmented reality offered by modern smartphones.
  • PAC-Man 256
    Famous labyrinthine game brought on the IPhone. The visual is isometric but the style is the same as the great classic. Practically endless, it can give us several hours of fun.
  • Puff
    I play with the 8 bit style. It has a very simple type of gameplay and everything focused on gaming and PowerUp. Dodging, shooting and moving until you get as far ahead as possible are the gameplay features of this game.
  • Ruzzle Adventure
    Adventure in full Ruzzle style! Travel through worlds and solve words-based puzzles. The gameplay is the same as Ruzzle but with the ability to move forward in the game and affrontarie various challenges and levels. Recommended!
    Sausage!! Sausage!! Sausage!!
    Game that requires only one tap on the screen. Extremely simple, it’s about taking sausages that come off the screen randomly with a bun. It requires perfect timing and is addictive.
  • Super Planet Defender
    On the false line of asteroids, we save the planets that are about to be bombarded by comets. Clean graphics and simple gameplay and suitable for the iPhone. Daily rankings and always.
  • Timberman
    Game from the mechanics very simple and with a retro style. Use a lumberjack to make new records trying to avoid obstacles. Very easy to play and at the same time difficult to master.
  • Zen Pinball
    Lots of tables available in this 3d Pinball. Realism and graphics make it a must for all fans of pinball or for those who want to play a game once in a while. Equipped with leaderboards, targets and many other unlockable pinball tables (also for a fee).

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